The Legend of the Milky Way on the Star Festival Day “Tanabata” “Kannin-Bukuro”



The Legend of the Milky Way on the Star Festival Day “Tanabata” “Kannin-Bukuro”


There are stories that are similar to the legend of the Milky Way (Tanabata, known as “the Star Festival” in English) around the world.

It is the well-known legend story that has been told since they were little. This event is usually held at a nursery school and a kindergarten in Japan.
During Tanabata season, people write their wishes on a piece of paper and hang it on a bamboo leaf.

In the legend story, the main character “Orihime” has a gift to weave beautiful clothes. Knowing the character of Orihime, people started to write their wishes in order to improve their own skills to become an expert just like Orihime.

Today, however, a few people write their wishes to improve their skills.
Instead, more and more people tend to write a wish to realize their dreams or to get something they really want, for example, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4. Others may wish to go to Disneyland or a zoo.
You can write down many wishes. Some people even write down 5 to 10 wishes.

During Tanabata season, people can see the Milky Way at night if you are lucky.
You can see them clearly if you go in the middle of the mountain where there are very few lights.

It is one of the lovliest time of the year giving a thought about the legend of Tanabata as looking upon the beautiful Milky Way. Don’t you think?


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