Yōkai Animation Story

“Hōnade” Yōkai Animation Story

Yōkai Animation Story ~Now and Way Back Then ~ “Hōnade”


“Hônade” is my first original Yôkai story.

It’s been believed by many Japanese people for over 1500 years that Yôkai may really exist.
Long long time ago, it was very dark at night because people had very few lights at home or in a town.
In deep darkness, haven’t you sensed something around you, even though you couldn’t see anything at all?
You may have experienced that in your bedroom, on a sidestreet at night, in a forest…
Nobody can explain it with exact words, but people surely tend to sense something in such darkness.
This phenomena could be one of the reason why the concept of “Yôkai” emerged in Japan.


In 1867, Edo period came to the end and Meiji era started.
As soon as Meiji era began, Japan started to adopt some Western cultures. Rationalism and scientific thinking are some of them.
As a result, the concept of Yôkai faded out among Japanese people as time went by.
They started to deny anything that is inexplicable or unprovable.
Such reasoning let them believe that it is a solid proof to say that Yôkai doesn’t exist.
On top of that, electric power became available all ovevr the place, which let people stay away from darkness at night.
It could be another reason why people rarely felt the existence of Yôkai nowadays.


However, Yôkai has never disappeared from Japanese people’s mind completely.
This could be because of their memories from childhood, in which their grandparents told them Yôkai stories.
Also, whenever children didn’t listen to their parents, they were told that Yôkai would come to get them.
As you noticed, Yôkai story was told as either an entertainment or discipline from generation to generation.
It could be one of the major reasons why people still believe in or fond of Yôkai in the 21st century.


Animations and novels about Yôkai are still quite popular today in Japan.
Probably, most people have never seen Yôkai.
However, it seems they believe in the possibility that Yôkai actually exists.

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